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Part One: When Things Fall Apart

Chapter 1: What Happened?

  • The Divorce Culture
  • The Extra-Strength Marriage
  • Why Me?
  • The Good Divorce

Chapter 2: Danger Signs Ahead

  • Private Eyes & Cyber Snooping
  • Financial Prophylactics

Chapter 3: 1-800-Lawyer

  • Fasten Your Seat Belts
  • Decision Time

Chapter 4: Keeping It Together

  • Last Ditch Efforts
  • Counseling
  • Forgive and Forget?

Chapter 5: Calling it Quits

  • How to Tell the Spouse
  • If You're the Last to Know
  • Dealing with Kids, Parents, Friends, and Neighbors

Chapter 6: Hitting the Road?

  • To Leave or not to leave
  • Pet Sounds?
  • Paying the Way
  • Minding Your Manners

Chapter 7: Why Can't We Be Friends?

  • Giving Peace a Chance: ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • To Mediate, Arbitrate, or Collaborate, That is the Question
  • Making War, not Peace-the Decision to Litigate

Chapter 8: Legally Separating

  • Marital Earthquakes---a/k/a "Grounds and Faults"
  • Staying "Married" Apart

Chapter 9: Ex Marks the Spot

  • Cutting the Ties That Bind
  • Going Solo (or with a lawyer)
  • Helping Yourself

Chapter 10: Annulment

  • What Marriage?
  • The Kerry/Kennedy Syndrome
  • Get the Get

Chapter 11: Can I Sue the @#$%*&^!?

  • The Scorned Spouse's Revenge
  • The Tort Against the Taker
Part Two: It's All Over Now

Chapter 12: Divorce, American-Style

  • Yours, Mine, and Ours:
  • Ownership is not 9/10s of the law
  • What's at Stake

Chapter 13: The Magical Marital Property Tour

  • East vs. West-Why Location matters
  • Kitchen Sinks and Other Stuff

Chapter 14: Strange Assets

  • Employment and Military Benefits
  • Goodwill: for Businesses, Professionals, and Celebrities

Chapter 15: Finders Keepers

  • Where's it At?
  • It's the Internet, Silly
  • Private Eyes: Part Two

Chapter 16: "Loan" is just a 4-Letter Word

  • Indian Giving
  • Other Special Presents

Chapter 17: It Comes Down to Dollars

  • The Price is Right
  • The Wonderful World of Accountants
  • Don't Try This At Home

Chapter 18: Wasted?

  • Where Did the All the Money Go, Long Time Passing?
  • Bankruptcy-Fix or Fiasco?

Chapter 19: Last Call: Divvying the Things

  • Possessions: One for You, Two for Me
  • Home Sweet Home: Who keeps the Digs?

Chapter 20: The Tax Man Cometh…Long after Divorce

  • Guilty or Innocent?
  • IRS to the Rescue-No Kidding!
Part Three: Family Matters: (Alimony, Maintenance, and More)

Chapter 21: The Changing Tides

  • Best Supporting Roles
  • What's My Worth in the Market?
  • What's up Doc?
  • Time is Money

Chapter 22: Setting the Sum

  • The Gold Standard (of Living)
  • Show Me ALL the Money!

Chapter 23: Till Death Does He Pay?

  • Not All Good Things Must End
  • Your Social Security Blanket

Chapter 24: Kids Still Count, Maybe

  • My Son the Doctor (my Daughter the Lawyer),
  • How Long Do You Foot Their Bills

Chapter 25: To Have and to Parent

  • Even Older Offspring Get the Blues
  • The Sins of the Father and Mother
  • All You Need is (Unconditional) Love

Chapter 26: Navigating the Ritual Minefields of Life

  • Your Kid's White Wedding
  • Births, Baptisms, Bar Mitzvah's and Burials-What do you do?
  • Maintaining Ex Relations -Could You, Should you?

Chapter 27: The ART (Artificial Reproductive Technology) of Divorce

  • Sex, Lies, and Surrogacy
  • Left Over Eggs and Sperm

Chapter 28: Supporting Your Kids' Kids?

  • Why, Tell me Why Am I?
  • Grandparents In the Driver's Seat
Part Four: Untying the Knot: Tying Up Lose Ends

Chapter 29: It's All in the Details

  • The Name Game
  • Get Your Garnishment On?
  • Your Move
  • The Ex's Move

Chapter 30: The Final Acts

  • Outliving the Ex
  • The Almighty QDRO
  • The QMESO, huh?

Chapter 31: Taking Your Monetary Temperature

  • Credit Reporting
  • Credit Repairing
  • Planning Your Financial Future
  • Taxing Changes
  • A (New) Will to Live
  • Capital Improvements
Part Five: Starting Over -Forever Young

Chapter 32: Healing Waters

  • Grief, Uncertainty, and Growth
  • I Will Survive
  • Set Priorities
  • Have Patience and a Positive Mantra
  • The Doors of Perception are Yours
  • Let's Get Meta/Physical
  • Take Stock of Yourself

Chapter 33: The Dating Game

  • Searching, Seeking, Hoping
  • Careful of that New Flame after the Fire
  • Should That Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?

Chapter 34: Oops, I Did It Again…

  • Remarrying & Having That Talk with your Adult Kids
  • Protecting a Few Of Your Favorite Things
  • Checklists for Cohabiting Couples

Chapter 35: Celebrate Transcendence

  • The Only Constant Is Change-Be Flexible
  • "Be Here Now"
  • The Best Is Yet to Come-Always


Author note: some of the book's final chapter names and headings vary from what you see here due to the editing process. Marlene Browne, May, 2004.

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